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30 Keys to Developing Prophetic Maturity

30 Keys to Developing Prophetic Maturity contains 30 keys, insights, testimonies, and practical tools for a prophetic company hungry to seize divine windows, earnestly desire spiritual gifts, and long to tap into the heart of God. 

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Every Prophet's Journey

Learn the fundamentals, prophetic protocols, and essential kingdom principles every prophet should seek to develop. 

The Secret of Intimacy

Learn how essential it is for prophets today to be rooted and grounded in the secret place on the road to developing prophetic maturity. 

Win the War Many Prophets Face

Learn how to overcome wilderness seasons and what kills many modern day prophets. 

Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus!

"Prophetic maturity is knowing Jesus, making Him known, and declaring who God really is!" - Jeremiah Johnson

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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome! Hear my Story and a Special Introduction!
  2. The War Room
  3. How to Deal with Exposing or Confronting Sin
  4. Test the Spirit of Your Own Prophecy
  5. Personal Assumption or True Prophecy?
  6.  Prophesy, DON’T Profile!
  7. The Secret is Humility
  8. Manipulation Will Cost You Your Anointing
  9. God’s Will is God’s Bill
  10. The Prophet’s Reward
  11. Pressure leads to Performance
  12. Prophecy, The Testimony of Jesus
  13. The Road to Emmaus
  14. The Word of God is The Main Dish
  15. Jesus Our Great Intercessor
  16. Find Your Tribe
  17. Prophetic Protocol
  18. Horoscope Prophecy
  19. Process to Promise
  20. Rejected Prophets
  21. Your Tone
  22. Prophecy Is About Intimacy
  23. Be Trustworthy
  24. Old Covenant Prophecy and New Covenant Prophecy
  25. The Wilderness
  26. Glorifying the Gift
  27. Prophetic Mothers and Fathers
  28. Ask, Seek, Knock
  29. Sow Where You Want to Go
  30.  ENJOY Life!
  31. Resources 

30 Keys to Developing Prophetic Maturity

A practical e-course for a hungry prophetic company seeking to develop personal prophetic maturity for a generation.

"With a passionate heart cry for relationship and a desire for the restoration of repentance and holiness back in both the prophetic ministry and the Church, as well as a called commission to restore back the need to get back into the Word, Jeremiah Johnson is the match, the voice to set this end time apostolic prophetic generation afresh with the true fire of God."

William Price

"Jeremiah Johnson planted and is the apostolic overseer of Heart of the Father Ministry, a multi campus church in Lakeland and Winter Haven, FL. He also travels extensively throughout the USA and world as a gifted teacher and prophetic voice at churches and conferences. Jeremiah carries a specific mandate to bring holiness and consecration back into the church and see true revival break out. Jeremiah is a Best Selling Author whose books and resources are available online and in bookstores around the world. He is also the TV Host of “The Watchman’s Corner” which airs every week on PTL Network, Son Broadcasting Network, and all social media platforms. He and his wife, Morgan, reside in Florida with their four children."

Jeremiah Johnson
Traveling Speaker and Author

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