God is calling His church to have fresh eye contact with you which will birth a lifestyle of revival and awakening!

Keys to the Secret Place 

An e-course with Jeremiah Johnson and Corey Russell

A Special Invitation from Jeremiah Johnson and Corey Russell into a journey of encountering the presence of God... 


Here's What You'll Get In This All-New E-Course:

All 10 Modules with Jeremiah and Corey to discuss the keys to entering into the secret place. 

-The Nasharite Dream

- What is the secret place?

- Three Prayer Movements

- The Revelation of Abba

- The Holy Spirit

- The Function of a Priest

- True Ministry Preparation

- The Power of Christ Within

- Prayer, activation, and additional resources

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Keys to the Secret Place MP3 Audio Downloads and Transcripts

Get the MP3 audio download for your iPhone, Android, or other audio device as well as the entire course transcript. 

Keys to the Secret Place E-Book

Get a PDF downloadable workbook of the entire e-course for deeper study and reflection full of key points, insights, revelation, and scripture references for personal and/or group study. 

Permission to Abide Teaching 

Jesus Christ died for nearness and proximity, and He is our forerunner and eternal intercessor. We have been invited into a continual flow of intimacy with Him. As New Covenant believers, we have been given access into the Holy Place. Start listening now!

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Keys to the Secret Place E-Course

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  • Downloadable Teaching of Permission to Abide 
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"The places of your greatest warfare are to be the places of your greatest inheritance."

- Corey Russell

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About Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson planted Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL in 2010 and served on the leadership team for a decade. In the summer 2020, he and his family relocated to Charlotte, NC to pursue a mandate from God to father and equip a generation of prophetic messengers. Jeremiah is a best selling author of multiple books and travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker.

He has been a guest on many popular Christian television and radio shows and also enjoys hosting his own television show called, “The Watchman’s Corner”. With grace and experience to pioneer on a local level and a calling to prophesy in the earth on a national level, Jeremiah deeply desires to see a pure and spotless Bride made ready for the coming of our great and glorious Bridegroom King, Jesus Christ.⠀

About Corey Russell

 Corey Russell's passion and pursuit is to awaken and inspire prayer across the earth. He and his family served at the International House of Prayer for 18 years teaching, and discipling students in prayer. Corey recently moved to Dallas, TX to join the Upper Room Church, is an author of several books, and also travels nationally and internationally preaching on themes of the Knowledge of God, Intercession, and the Forerunner Ministry. You can learn more about Corey Russell and his ministry, resources, and more by visiting correyrussell.org