Brand New E-Course From Jeremiah Johnson and R. Loren Sandford

Purifying the Prophetic 

Get equipped to navigate through the toughest questions and common misunderstandings of prophetic ministry. 

Jeremiah Johnson and Loren Sandford want to invite you on this supernatural journey with us


Here's What You'll Get In This All-New E-Course:


  1. A Special Welcome from Jeremiah Johnson and R. Loren Sandford

  2. Loren Sandford: Grounding

  3. Loren Sandford: Calling Wilderness and Return

  4. Loren Sandford: Wilderness Training

  5. Loren Sandford: Meditation

  6. Jeremiah Johnson: Drinking the Cup of Rejection

  7. Jeremiah Johnson and Loren Sandford: Moral Failure in Prophetic Ministry

  8. Jeremiah Johnson and Loren Sandford: Inaccurate Prophecy

  9. Jeremiah Johnson and Loren Sandford: How to Test, Discern, and Judge Prophetic Words

  10. Prayer and Resources with Jeremiah and Loren

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Pitfalls of the Prophetic Teaching

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  • Pitfalls of the Prophetic Teaching
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"If you focus on being supernatural, you're going to end up in shipwreck. But if you focus on being intimate with the Father, you'll end up being supernatural."” - R. Loren Sandford

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About Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson planted Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL in 2010 and served on the leadership team for a decade. In the summer 2020, he and his family relocated to Charlotte, NC to pursue a mandate from God to father and equip a generation of prophetic messengers. Jeremiah is a best selling author of multiple books and travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker.

He has been a guest on many popular Christian television and radio shows and also enjoys hosting his own television show called, “The Watchman’s Corner”. With grace and experience to pioneer on a local level and a calling to prophesy in the earth on a national level, Jeremiah deeply desires to see a pure and spotless Bride made ready for the coming of our great and glorious Bridegroom King, Jesus Christ.⠀

About R. Loren Sandford 


R. Loren Sandford is the lead pastor of Newsong Church and Ministries, a national prophetic voice for over four decades, an author of several books, and a worship musician. Called to love people, to set them free, and to grow God’s church, pastoring has been Loren’s lifelong passion, a calling now spanning four and a half decades. Recognition as a prophetic voice was never his ambition. His passion for people and the church, however, have led directly to a prophetic calling and the need to hear the voice of God so he could help prepare God’s people for the coming days. He is involved in overseeing churches and mentoring pastors in several states.