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The Harvest: Preparing For A Revival Of Souls 

A New E-Course From Jeremiah Johnson and Mario Murillo

Jeremiah Johnson and Mario Murillo invite you... 


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  1. Welcome to Your E-Course! A special introduction with Jeremiah and Mario
  2. A personal discussion- Mario and Jeremiah's story
  3. YOU are a Soul Winner. Discover why God made you to win souls
  4. The Secret Heart of a Soul Winner 
  5. Signs, Wonders, and Miracles. What does God see?
  6. The Lord of the Harvest. God's plan for His reward.
  7. The Ministry of the Prophet and Evangelist. How they work hand-in hand,
  8. The Heart For The Harvest Field. How God Will Use The Heart of the Remnant. 
  9. The Church's Role In Evangelism. What You Can Do TODAY!
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"Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus" 2-Part Series

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  • Downloadable Teaching of 2-part series "Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!
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"Let's talk about YOU, a mass soul-winner." -Mario Murillo

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About Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson planted Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL in 2010 and served on the leadership team for a decade. In the summer 2020, he and his family relocated to Charlotte, NC to pursue a mandate from God to father and equip a generation of prophetic messengers. Jeremiah is a best selling author of multiple books and travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker.

He has been a guest on many popular Christian television and radio shows and also enjoys hosting his own television show called, “The Watchman’s Corner”. With grace and experience to pioneer on a local level and a calling to prophesy in the earth on a national level, Jeremiah deeply desires to see a pure and spotless Bride made ready for the coming of our great and glorious Bridegroom King, Jesus Christ.⠀

About Mario Murillo


Mario Murillo is an evangelist with a mandate to win America back to God. Mario rose from poverty in the Mission District of San Francisco. After being revolutionized by Christ, he felt a call to the riot-torn University of California at Berkeley. He was rejected until a desperate prayer season resulted in supernatural power. It began with preaching that was different than students had heard before. Then the students began to report healings in the name of Jesus. a 4-day crusade in San Jose, California, lasting 6 months with a total of over 250,000 people, birthed an international ministry that is reaching millions!