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Watchman Arise: A Mini E-Course

Discover the function and need for watchman in the body of Christ in Jeremiah's newest e-course Watchman Arise. Designed for both seasoned and emerging watchmen of the hour who are ready to rise up, this course will provide a look through the scriptures, and teaching that boldly addresses a watchman's role with great weight and conviction. 

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The Role and Function of Watchmen

Learn the fundamental roles and function of watchmen as we take a close look at books such as Isaiah and Ezekiel. 

10 Keys For Every Watchman

Learn "The Five W's" and five keys for every watchman to take heed of. 

There is More

Watch a full message given by Jeremiah Johnson that will stir and awaken seasoned and emerging watchmen to get back on the wall! 

Watchmen are pure, bold end-time messengers!

"You cannot allow the disobedience around you to produce disobedience within you!" - Jeremiah Johnson

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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome! A Special Introduction!
  2. The Five W's
  3. The Watchman's Role and Function
  4. The Pure Doctrines of Christ 
  5. Prayer 
  6. Resources 
  7. Full Message: There is More - Part 1 
  8. Full Message: There is More - Part 2 

Watchman Arise: A Mini E-Course

Discovering the function and need for watchman in the body of Christ.

"Thank You Jeremiah. I believe you to be a "solid voice" in this hour of confusion and deception. "

David Williams

"Jeremiah's words and teachings originate in the Throne Room, and I just can't get enough of what God is sharing with all of us through him."

Billy Murdock

"Jeremiah Johnson planted and is the apostolic overseer of Heart of the Father Ministry, a multi campus church in Lakeland and Winter Haven, FL. He also travels extensively throughout the USA and world as a gifted teacher and prophetic voice at churches and conferences. Jeremiah carries a specific mandate to bring holiness and consecration back into the church and see true revival break out. Jeremiah is a Best Selling Author whose books and resources are available online and in bookstores around the world. He is also the TV Host of “The Watchman’s Corner” which airs every week on PTL Network, Son Broadcasting Network, and all social media platforms. He and his wife, Morgan, reside in Florida with their four children."

Jeremiah Johnson
Traveling Speaker and Author

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